Amy Wilson

Business Advocate

Amy Wilson PP

Location: St Petersburg, FL

Specialties: Preventative Health Initiative (PHI) & Tax Rebate

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About Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson, following in her father's footsteps, has devoted her career to empowering individuals and businesses financially. Raised by an accountant turned financial advisor, Amy learned early the distinction between need and want, witnessing her father's profound impact on numerous lives through financial guidance. This foundational experience propelled her to teach financial literacy to New York City's youth before focusing on aiding businesses to unlock tax savings and rebates. Amy's expertise now lies in helping Generation X and entrepreneurs achieve debt freedom and wealth creation through innovative financial strategies. Utilizing award-winning Financial GPS software, she offers mathematical solutions for zero debt and wealth accumulation, ensuring clients can navigate life's uncertainties with recalibrated financial plans.

Complementing her financial acumen is her involvement with the Preventative Health Initiative (PHI) by Project Blue. PHI provides a holistic employee benefit program that encompasses a personalized health dashboard, preventive care, health coaching, telehealth, and an employee assistance program, all at no net cost to employers. This initiative aligns with Amy's mission to enhance overall wellbeing, offering a dual-faceted approach that benefits both employers and employees, ensuring financial and health prosperity.

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Preventative Health Initiative

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