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Location: Charlotte, NC

Specialties: Preventative Health Initiative & ERTC

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DON'T LEAVE MONEY on the TABLE! .......We will assist you in fully understanding both the qualifications and the submission for the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). This can result in a major cash flow addition to your bottom line. Cut through the myths surrounding this Funding and you may very well find yourself receiving a large payroll tax REFUND check.

Our partner is a Publicly Traded Company who specializes in Payroll and had assisted in Recoveries totaling more than $600,000,000. A very large portion of these refunds were specifically returned to Independent Restaurants, Home Healthcare companies, Fitness Centers and Gyms, Physical Therapy locations and Child Care Centers in the Southeast.

The REFUND CLOCK IS TICKING…..Don’t leave YOUR Money on the table!

Our second area of expertise is verifying the accuracy of your “Fixed Costs.” In the last decade, our underwriters have successfully uncovered Revenue Streams for over 1,000 local entities and small businesses at a 91.3% success rate. Adjustments, refunds, and recoveries are in excess of $550 million dollars. Your fixed costs are almost always "fixed" at an elevated rate. How often? Look again at the figures above. Over 91.3% of the time, regardless of your service acquisition method or contract.

The two applications above are examples of relationships that we have formed with established industry specialists who are underwriting a new approach to supplementing your revenue by applying proactive and cash positive principles.

We have the dedication, expertise, and time, so let's connect and talk about a new approach to supplement your revenue and increase your profitability and cash flow.

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Preventative Health Initiative

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