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I can help you get money the US government ALREADY owes you.This is not a loan.This is not a grant.This is Tax-Free cash.Could you use $50k or more during these times of crisis?

Jason, why have I never heard of this?

Remember when Amazon made $11.2 billion in profit and paid $0 in taxes? https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/02/15/amazon-pays-no-2018-federal-income-tax-report-says/2886639002/

Remember when 60 Fortune 500 Companies paid $0 in taxes on a collective 79 billion in profit? https://itep.org/60-fortune-500-companies-avoided-all-federal-income-tax-in-2018-under-new-tax-law/

You’ve heard of this, the real question is why don’t you have access to these programs?How much in consulting fees do you think Amazon paid to avoid paying taxes on 11.2 billion dollars in profit?You get it, right?

If you’re not large enough to be a client of the Big Four the reality is that less than 1% of CPAs nationally are trained on rebates and incentives. For big businesses, this is standard practice. But 99% of business owners have no idea they have money waiting to be claimed. This isn’t specific to the COVID-19 crisis. These programs have been around for years but right now these funds could be a vital lifeline.

Considering the sheer magnitude of current events I am focused on helping as many business owners as possible.If I can help you find $30k, $50k, $100k, even $10k would that help?

Here’s what Senator Chuck Grassley The Chairman of Finance Committee & Vice Chairman of Taxation says…

“..what worries me is that many of you here, business owners and accountants, too often think these tax incentives, that these just happen to be for big corporations. I want to impress upon you that nothing could be further from the truth. My message to you is to learn about tax incentives that are available. These incentives help your business succeed and thrive.”

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Project Blue is bringing the best practices of Fortune 500 Companies to the small business owner. Project Blue was founded on the premise that EVERY business owner should take advantage of every incentive program that they are legally entitled to claim.

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