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In todays business environment, organizations are continually exploring methods to secure and retain top-tier professionals. A potent strategy in this pursuit is extending comprehensive health benefits. Yet, the expense associated with such benefits can weigh heavily on businesses. This is precisely where the Preventative Health Initiative (PHI) steps in, providing a dual-faceted solution that advantages both employers and employees alike.

At Project Blue we offer the groundbreaking Preventative Health Initiative, an employee benefit program that presents a complete wellness strategy to employers without incurring net costs. This encompassing plan encompasses a personalized health dashboard, access to preventive care initiatives, dedicated health coaching, telehealth provisions, and an inclusive employee assistance program with a funded life insurance plan.

Here Are The Benefits For Employers
*Company Benefit = $500 average FICA savings per employee
*No Net Cost to the Company
*Employee Benefit = $1500 average additional retirement benefit per year and a robust suite of health services at no cost *No reduction in employee’s take home pay
*Improve Employee Acquisition and Retention
*Reduce Healthcare Expense
*Increase Wellness and Morale

Here Are The Benefits For Employees

The PHI program extends an array of preventive health services to employees. These encompass a personalized health dashboard, entry to preventive care initiatives, individualized health coaching, and telehealth services. The program's objective is to empower employees in managing their lifestyles, warding off and managing ailments, leading to significant time and monetary savings. Here are some of the benefits available.

*Online Individual Therapy
*Virtual Couples Counseling
*Substance Abuse Counseling
*Remote Personal Wellness Coaching
*Consultations With Licensed Dietitians
*Online Stress Management
*Remote Fitness Sessions
*24/7 Telemedicine Access
*Group Whole Life Insurance
*Virtual Veterinary Care
*Lower Cost Prescriptions
*Diabetes Counseling

Let us do the work to improve your bottom line and keep your key team members healthy and happy in 2024!

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