Ted Lange

Capital Consultant

Ted Lange PP

Location: Carlsbad, CA

Specialties: Preventative Health Initiative (PHI), Financial Planning, Retirement Planning & Mortgage Lending

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About Ted Lange

Ted Lange, CFP is a veteran insurance and securities executive, with nearly 40+ years of experience, who founded and led three successful Omaha, Nebraska companies, Equity Planning, Equity Banking and lastly served as Co-Founder, President and CEO of QA3 a national broker dealer, overseeing their growth from 5 FINRA registered Financial Planners in 1999 to over 750 by 2005, producing over $150 million in gross revenue.​

In 2005, my life took an unexpected turn when my wife received a devastating diagnosis of a terminal illness. Given a prognosis of 4-5 years, in 2006, realizing the importance of focusing entirely on my wife’s well-being, I made the choice to retire.

We relocated to beautiful Carlsbad in San Diego County, where we could embrace the wonderful weather and find solace in a new environment. Following the loss of my wife, a new chapter in my life began. Leveraging my extensive 40+ years of experience in Financial and Retirement Planning, I embarked on a new career path. I collaborate with Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, and CPAs to enhance their senior clients’ retirement.

Carole Lindsey owner of Superior Home Care Services (who provided in home care for my wife) and I founded Senior Life Source Inc. www.seniorlifesource.org a 501c3 company whose mission is to educate employees of large companies on Aging. For all Ages. I’m also an active member of the North County Estate Planning Council ncepc-sd.org. and Carlsbad’s Chamber of Commerce serving on their Aging Service Committee.

I have served on the Executive Board of Serving Seniors www.servingseniors.org here in San Diego County as well the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce “Aging Service Committee”

I had the good fortune to meet and marry a wonderful woman who like me is a Senior Advocate and currently serves as Executive Director for San Diego Seniors Community Foundation www.sdscf.org

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