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Project Blue is a resource for nearly 1,100 Rebates and Incentive Programs, cost recovery, as well as financing opportunities from $5,000 to $5,000,000.

Why Project Blue?

Project Blue is bringing the best practices of Fortune 500 Companies to the small business owner. Project Blue was founded on the premise that EVERY business owner should take advantage of every incentive program that they are legally entitled to claim.

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Answer a few questions about your company. Our proprietary software will estimate you total benefit.

Step 2:
Supply Documents

Submit the prerequisite documentation allowing us to confirm your benefit vs cost analysis.

Step 3:
Reap the Benefits

Enjoy your savings and deposit your checks as they arrive. Spend your rebates any way you choose.

Preventative Health Initiative (PHI)

In the modern competitive business environment, organizations are continually exploring methods to allure and retain top-tier professionals. A potent strategy in this pursuit is extending comprehensive health benefits. Yet, the expense associated with such benefits can weigh heavily on numerous companies. This is precisely where the Preventative Health Initiative (PHI) steps in, providing a dual-faceted solution that advantages both employers and employees alike.

Business Funding

Project Blue is a resource for nearly 1,100 Rebates and Incentive Programs, cost recovery, as well as financing opportunities from $5,000 to $5,000,000.

From traditional loans to innovative funding strategies, we ensure a seamless process that empowers you to achieve your goals and secure the resources necessary for sustainable success.

Tax Credits, Rebates and Incentives

In the dynamic landscape of business, the savvy entrepreneur is always on the lookout for strategies that can catapult their success to new heights. Amidst the various tools and tactics available, one often underestimated avenue is the realm of tax credits and rebates. These financial incentives hold the potential to supercharge your business, offering a multitude of advantages that extend far beyond immediate cost savings.

Financial Planning

At Project Blue, we believe that financial planning is the cornerstone of a secure and prosperous future. Our Financial Planning services are designed to empower individuals and businesses alike to navigate the complex world of finances with confidence and clarity. With a team of dedicated financial experts by your side, you can take charge of your financial journey and make informed decisions that align with your goals and aspirations.





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