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March 5, 2024

Who is Project Blue?

Project Blue is a transformative initiative seeking to change the way small business owners perceive and navigate financial opportunities. With the backing of Better Tomorrow Financial Group, Project Blue aims to be the advocate every small business owner deserves.

Advocacy for Small Business Owners

The core philosophy behind Project Blue is the belief that small business owners should have dedicated advocates on their side, much like the colossal corporations that benefit from substantial tax breaks and incentives. While these mega-corporations invest billions in securing trillions through strategic financial planning, the average business owner often lacks the resources and guidance needed to access similar programs.

Identifying Opportunities

Project Blue steps in as a small business advocate, consistently identifying government programs, tax incentives, rebates, and wellness plans to set business owners up for success. With a focus on comprehensive financial support, the initiative aims to level the playing field for smaller enterprises.

Affiliate Partner Strategy

Project Blue adopts an affiliate partner strategy as its marketing approach. By partnering with leaders in various industries, including financial planners, CPAs, life insurance agents, and more, the initiative ensures that the right expertise reaches small business owners. The collaboration involves providing affiliates with resources to effectively communicate Project Blue’s benefits to their clients.

Sharing Success with Affiliates

Rather than relying on cold calls, Project Blue places trust in its affiliate partners. Building on the established relationships and credibility of affiliates, Project Blue has successfully reached business owners with its message of financial empowerment. Recognizing the value of these partnerships, the initiative shares a portion of its proceeds with affiliates, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Project Blue emerges as a beacon of hope for small business owners, offering not only financial guidance but also a network of trusted advocates. By redefining the relationship between financial support and business success, Project Blue paves the way for a better tomorrow for small enterprises.

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